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  • ¬†information about earth energies, geopathic stress and geomancy

provided by Dr. Patrick MacManaway, geopathic stress consultant and educator


“Dragon Lines are the pathways of electromagnetism and life-force that spread like a web across the surface of the planet. Where the dragon’s breath is sweet and gentle, great health and prosperity will arise. Where the dragons breath is sour or foul, health and fortune are likely to suffer…

A third generation practitioner of the psychic and healing arts, Patrick has over thirty years of field experience in assessing and remedying geopathic stress, and works internationally with domestic, commercial and agricultural clients. Some work requires a visit to the location, some work can be done without the need for a site visit, instead using maps and photographs for both assessment and treatment.

Correcting geopathic stress and other related environmental stress factors regularly bring a light, brightness and clarity to the atmosphere of spaces both inside and outdoors, as well as improved sleep, improved creativity and communication, and sometimes dramatic health benefits to people, plants and animals alike.

Further enhancement to optimize the subtle energies of sites has been shown to improve business success, and agricultural yields by up to 20%.

Please enjoy exploring this site and learning about earth energies, geopathic stress, and the potential for truly blessing the landscapes within which we live.